Commit 120a706c authored by Kitty Barnett's avatar Kitty Barnett
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Merged with Misc-Spellcheck tip

branch : .Catznip
parents 91bcd4d1 1f6857a9
......@@ -865,7 +865,7 @@ bool idle_startup()
if (gLoginMenuBarView == NULL)
LL_DEBUGS("AppInit") << "initializing menu bar" << LL_ENDL;
// initialize_spellcheck_menu();
......@@ -2188,6 +2188,9 @@ void LLViewerWindow::initBase()
// Login screen and main_view.xml need edit menus for preferences and browser
LL_DEBUGS("AppInit") << "initializing edit menu" << LL_ENDL;
// [SL:KB] - Patch: Misc-Spellcheck | Checked: Catznip-6.1
// [/Sl:KB]
// Create the floater view at the start so that other views can add children to it.
// (But wait to add it as a child of the root view so that it will be in front of the
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