Commit 2ee483aa authored by NiranV's avatar NiranV
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Fixed: Email offline IM's disables itself every time you open and close the...

Fixed: Email offline IM's disables itself every time you open and close the preferences window from the login screen.
parent 37999412
......@@ -2797,7 +2797,12 @@ void LLFloaterPreference::onOpen(const LLSD& key)
// do not disturb response message.
gSavedPerAccountSettings.getControl("DoNotDisturbModeResponse")->getSignal()->connect(boost::bind(&LLFloaterPreference::onDoNotDisturbResponseChanged, this));
//BD - Send user info request only after we've logged in, it doesn't make sense doing it prior anyway.
if (LLStartUp::getStartupState() == STATE_STARTED)
/////////////////////////// From LLPanelGeneral //////////////////////////
// if we have no agent, we can't let them choose anything
......@@ -3549,6 +3554,7 @@ void LLFloaterPreference::setPersonalInfo(const std::string& visibility, bool im
getChild<LLUICtrl>("online_visibility")->setLabelArg("[DIR_VIS]", mDirectoryVisibility);
bool LLFloaterPreference::loadFromFilename(const std::string& filename, std::map<std::string, std::string> &label_map)
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