Commit 47448d10 authored by NiranV's avatar NiranV
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Misc: Comment out unused reveal intro panel code, we don't have one.

parent c2cecbd3
......@@ -1022,7 +1022,7 @@ bool idle_startup()
gViewerWindow->setProgressCancelButtonVisible(TRUE, LLTrans::getString("Quit"));
// Poke the VFS, which could potentially block for a while if
// Windows XP is acting up
......@@ -5331,14 +5331,14 @@ void LLViewerWindow::setup3DViewport(S32 x_offset, S32 y_offset)
glViewport(gGLViewport[0], gGLViewport[1], gGLViewport[2], gGLViewport[3]);
void LLViewerWindow::revealIntroPanel()
/*void LLViewerWindow::revealIntroPanel()
if (mProgressView)
void LLViewerWindow::setShowProgress(const BOOL show, BOOL logout)
......@@ -311,7 +311,8 @@ class LLViewerWindow : public LLWindowCallbacks
void setProgressMessage(const std::string& msg);
void setProgressCancelButtonVisible( BOOL b, const std::string& label = LLStringUtil::null );
LLProgressView *getProgressView() const;
void revealIntroPanel();
//void revealIntroPanel();
void setStartupComplete();
void updateObjectUnderCursor();
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