Commit 5169e289 authored by NiranV's avatar NiranV

Misc: Micro optimizations in Poser code.

parent 5ca7dc90
......@@ -2093,21 +2093,21 @@ void BDFloaterPoser::onAvatarsRefresh()
//BD - Add our own avatar first at all times, only if we haven't already.
if (!skip_creation)
for (LLCharacter* character : LLCharacter::sInstances)
for (auto character : LLCharacter::sInstances)
LLVOAvatar* avatar = dynamic_cast<LLVOAvatar*>(character);
if (avatar && avatar->isSelf())
LLSD own_row;
LLAvatarName av_name;
LLAvatarNameCache::get(gAgent.getID(), &av_name);
LLAvatarNameCache::get(avatar->getID(), &av_name);
own_row["columns"][0]["column"] = "icon";
own_row["columns"][0]["type"] = "icon";
own_row["columns"][0]["value"] = getString("icon_category");
own_row["columns"][1]["column"] = "name";
own_row["columns"][1]["value"] = av_name.getDisplayName();
own_row["columns"][2]["column"] = "uuid";
own_row["columns"][2]["value"] = gAgent.getID();
own_row["columns"][2]["value"] = avatar->getID();
own_row["columns"][3]["column"] = "control_avatar";
own_row["columns"][3]["value"] = false;
LLScrollListItem* item = mAvatarScroll->addElement(own_row);
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