Commit 535f5c51 authored by andreykproductengine's avatar andreykproductengine

MAINT-7161 Crash in LLViewerInventoryItem

parent b923ee86
......@@ -1249,9 +1249,11 @@ void LLWearableHoldingPattern::onWearableAssetFetch(LLViewerWearable *wearable)
LLViewerInventoryItem* wearable_item = gInventory.getItem(data.mItemID);
if (wearable_item && wearable_item->getPermissions().allowModifyBy(gAgentID))
if (wearable_item && wearable_item->isFinished() && wearable_item->getPermissions().allowModifyBy(gAgentID))
// We can't edit and do some other interactions with same asset twice, copy it
// Note: can't update incomplete items. Usually attached from previous viewer build, but
// consider adding fetch and completion callback
LLViewerWearable* new_wearable = LLWearableList::instance().createCopy(wearable, wearable->getName());
data.mWearable = new_wearable;
data.mAssetID = new_wearable->getAssetID();
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