Commit 5ca7dc90 authored by NiranV's avatar NiranV

Fixed: Joint names being sorted wrong.

parent 228017e4
......@@ -625,8 +625,7 @@ void BDFloaterPoser::onJointRefresh()
if (!(avatar->getRegion() == gAgent.getRegion())) return;
//BD - Getting collision volumes and attachment points.
std::vector<std::string> joint_names, cv_names, attach_names;
avatar->getSortedJointNames(0, joint_names);
std::vector<std::string> cv_names, attach_names;
avatar->getSortedJointNames(1, cv_names);
avatar->getSortedJointNames(2, attach_names);
......@@ -639,13 +638,13 @@ void BDFloaterPoser::onJointRefresh()
LLVector3 pos;
LLVector3 scale;
LLJoint* joint;
for (auto joint_name : joint_names)
for (S32 i = 0; (joint = avatar->getCharacterJoint(i)); ++i)
joint = avatar->getJoint(joint_name);
//BD - Nothing? Invalid? Skip, when we hit the end we'll break out anyway.
if (!joint) continue;
LLSD row;
const std::string joint_name = joint->getName();
//BD - Show some categories to make it a bit easier finding out which
// bone belongs where and what they might be for those who can't use
// bone names.
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