Commit 87ef00bf authored by Andrey Lihatskiy's avatar Andrey Lihatskiy

Merge branch 'SL-14264' into DRTVWR-507-maint

parents 597d777c 2c257821
......@@ -4800,9 +4800,7 @@ LLViewerTexture* LLViewerObject::getBakedTextureForMagicId(const LLUUID& id)
LLVOAvatar* avatar = getAvatar();
if (avatar && !isHUDAttachment()
&& isMesh()
&& getVolume() && getVolume()->getParams().getSculptID().notNull()) // checking for the rigged mesh by params instead of using isRiggedMesh() to avoid false negatives when skin info isn't ready
if (avatar && !isHUDAttachment())
LLAvatarAppearanceDefines::EBakedTextureIndex texIndex = LLAvatarAppearanceDefines::LLAvatarAppearanceDictionary::assetIdToBakedTextureIndex(id);
LLViewerTexture* bakedTexture = avatar->getBakedTexture(texIndex);
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