Commit 9666a96e authored by maxim_productengine's avatar maxim_productengine
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SL-12115 FIXED The camera flies away when sitting on a new object with edit mode enabled

parent fe490d52
......@@ -7331,13 +7331,6 @@ void LLVOAvatar::sitOnObject(LLViewerObject *sit_object)
if (root_object == sit_object)
LLFloaterTools::sPreviousFocusOnAvatar = true;
if (!gSavedSettings.getBOOL("EditCameraMovement"))
// always freeze camera in space, even if camera doesn't move
// so, for example, follow cam scripts can't affect you when in build mode
gAgentCamera.setFocusGlobal(gAgentCamera.calcFocusPositionTargetGlobal(), LLUUID::null);
gAgentCamera.setFocusOnAvatar(FALSE, ANIMATE);
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