Commit af90459a authored by Nat Goodspeed's avatar Nat Goodspeed
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Removed tag CHOP-962-a

parent 09bbd601
......@@ -462,3 +462,5 @@ fb1630153bac5552046ea914af3f14deabc1def8 3.6.0-materials-beta1
69429d81ae4dd321eda2607901ef0a0fde71b54c 3.6.0-release
0a56f33ad6aa112032b14a41dad759ad377bdde9 3.6.0-release
daa483a6f049dd162f6ae288918e4019f818d5af CHOP-962-a
daa483a6f049dd162f6ae288918e4019f818d5af CHOP-962-a
0000000000000000000000000000000000000000 CHOP-962-a
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