Commit b0d83673 authored by Kitty Barnett's avatar Kitty Barnett
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[FIXED] CATZ-504: IMs and notifications sometimes fail to be delivered at login

  -> Temporary fix: rather than scan the entire inventory for every friend; limit the search to the calling cards folder

branch : Inventory-Misc
parent d3016bb4
......@@ -574,7 +574,9 @@ bool LLAvatarTracker::updateCallingCards(const LLUUID& buddy_id)
LLInventoryModel::cat_array_t cats;
LLInventoryModel::item_array_t items;
LLParticularBuddyCollector f(buddy_id);
gInventory.collectDescendentsIf(gInventory.getRootFolderID(), cats, items, LLInventoryModel::INCLUDE_TRASH, f);
const LLUUID idCallingCards = gInventory.findCategoryUUIDForType(LLFolderType::FT_CALLINGCARD);
gInventory.collectDescendentsIf(idCallingCards, cats, items, LLInventoryModel::EXCLUDE_TRASH, f);
for (LLInventoryModel::item_array_t::iterator itItem = items.begin(); itItem != items.end(); ++itItem)
gInventory.addChangedMask(LLInventoryObserver::LABEL, (*itItem)->getUUID());
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