Commit c3639c2b authored by NiranV's avatar NiranV

Fixed: Attached lights vanishing when sitting down on objects.

parent 375a81d8
......@@ -9142,15 +9142,13 @@ void LLPipeline::renderDeferredLighting()
LLVOAvatar *av = vobj->getAvatar();
if (av)
if (av->isTooComplex() || av->isInMuteList() || dist_vec(av->getPosition(), LLViewerCamera::getInstance()->getOrigin()) > RenderFarClip)
const LLViewerObject *root_obj = drawablep->getParent() ? drawablep->getParent()->getVObj() : vobj;
if (root_obj && dist_vec(root_obj->getPosition(), LLViewerCamera::getInstance()->getOrigin()) > RenderFarClip)
//BD - So apparently av->getPosition() will result in our avatar being on 0 0 0 while sitting,
// i'm unsure whether it is something that comes from somewhere else (maybe the position
// being falsely assumed at 0 0 0 or not properly updated but i know it was recently introduced
// with one of LL's changes. We use the avatar's root bone world position now instead of the
// avatar position because this one will always be accurate unless our avatar is really
// being rendered at 0 0 0 and in that case our camera will probably be janked there as well.
if (av->isTooComplex() || av->isInMuteList() || dist_vec(av->mRoot->getWorldPosition(), LLViewerCamera::getInstance()->getOrigin()) > RenderFarClip)
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