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      DEV-39508 = Show Tools ("Build") menu by default · ad169d3f
      Steven Bennetts authored
      * Also eliminated some unused settings
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      svn merge -r132607:132665 svn+ssh://svn.lindenlab.com/svn/linden/branches/server/server-1.30 · 74e584ad
      Christian Goetze authored
      Propagating to trunk: QAR-1705 DEV-29573 QAR-1859 QAR-1804
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      Fixed the Linux build of viewer-2.0.0-3. · f929ec2d
      Martin Reddy authored
      - Updated linux_updater for new LLStringUtil::getTokens() signature
      - Ignore compiler warning for string constants not being referred to
        as const in fmod_error.h
      Fix for DEV-39457. Reviewed by moss.
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      Reorder some of the new LLStringUtil methods introduced in DEV-39441 · 92cccb97
      Martin Reddy authored
      to avoid specialisation after instantiation build errors on Mac and
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      Merging the SLURLs Everywhere branch (viewer-2.0.0-slurls-3) into · 330840af
      Martin Reddy authored
      Viewer 2.0 (viewer-2.0.0-3). This provides support for clickable Urls
      in text editors and textboxes, with right-click context menus,
      tooltips, and alternate link labels. This includes alert boxes, the
      login progress window, local chat and IM interfaces, etc. As well as
      context menus for avatars and groups in list widgets. Includes fixes
      for the following individual JIRAs:
      DEV-8763 VWR-10636: Hyperlinks in alert dialogs should be selectable (clickable)!
      DEV-38829 EXT-742: Remove LLLink class
      DEV-35459 VWR-14679: SLURLs and teleport Links not parsed properly
      DEV-19842 VWR-8773: Closing parenthesis ")" breaks urls
      DEV-21577 VWR-9405: In-world SLURLs containing "(" or ")" are not treated as a hyperlink in chat
      DEV-37652 SEC-435: Object Chat/IMs are untraceable (VWR-2388) Fix has left flaw
      DEV-10353: URLs in chat log terminated incorrectly when newline in chat
      DEV-2925: In chat history, use a teleport hyperlink as source name for object IMs
      DEV-36192: Need a way to copy Avatar names and Group names
      DEV-2926: Allow viewer hyperlinks to have different text than the actual url
      DEV-27253: Add easy way to copy URLs from viewer chat
      DEV-38274: Make About Second Life window use new Url hyperlinking features
      DEV-39076: No url support in Text Editors
      DEV-7476 VWR-2172: Add hyperlinks to chat console for easier access
      DEV-7475: Add hyperlinks to notecards!
      DEV-35375 EXT-128: HTTPS urls aren't loaded in the internal browser by click
      Master JIRA issues: DEV-32819, DEV-323820, DEV-7474
      Testing performed against QAR-1789
      svn merge -r 131623:131889 svn+ssh://svn.lindenlab.com/svn/linden/branches/viewer/viewer-2.0.0-slurl-3
      svn merge -r 131978:132515 svn+ssh://svn.lindenlab.com/svn/linden/branches/viewer/viewer-2.0.0-slurl-3
  6. 03 Sep, 2009 3 commits
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      svn merge -r 129999:132607 svn+ssh://svn/svn/linden/branches/server/server-1.30 into trunk · 76d05a7e
      Don Kjer authored
      QAR-1863: Merge 525 changes from 1.27 -> 1.30 -> trunk
      1.27 Changes:
      * QAR-1721: Vivox Recurring Billing (ViRB)
      * QAR-1743: 525 AO Classifieds
      * DEV-37701: Fix cleanup_indra nightly script so that it doesn't fail, and so that we know if it does
      * DEV-37926 - Fairmarket key roll 8/12/2009
      * QAR-1744: 525 Landstore
      * QAR-1797: disable web services for find_people
      * QAR-1758: OpenID and Backup/recovery.
      * QAR-1794: ViRB proc fix - proc/recurring_billing/GetLocaleCountryByPackageId.php
      * Changing parameter name so the module signal could be used properly in the function below
      * QAR-1808 : Self-Reported First Name and Self-Reported Last Name have duplicate entries in the registration table
      * DEV-30204 : Moved the registration table from sequence to indra_aux.
      * removed dungeon from banned keyword list
      * DEV-30204 : Moved the registration table from sequence to indra_aux.  Reviewed by kelly, cg, jarv
      * Merging new streambase dwell nightly to server-1.27
      * Add update_parcel_dwell.py to serial_maintenance rule in the nightly.make Makefile, removing the dwell rule, since we don't want it running in parallel with other expensive nightly scripts.
      1.30 Changes:
      * DEV-27476: version-manager only works in Firefox
      * DEV-27472: version-manager appears to load javascript from third party site.
      * mulib r92 that supports If-Modified-Since header and prevents arbitrary
        filesystem access through host:12107/manager/mochi/..
      * Trivial conductor change that prevents a traceback when no regions are
        available to start.
      * Fixing "Out of Connections" error when running tests via SCUT
      * DEV-37554 - farm_deploy should get its ssh timeout from farm.ini
      * undo two lines of debugging changes that accidentally were checked in to farm
      * Adding MochiKit to MANIFEST for version-manager.
      * revised files for new parcel dwell process
      * Changing vault from an 'http' svn extern to a 'svn+ssh' svn extern.
      * DEV-38504 RPS map item queries are too verbose
      * added --skip-grid-mode-prompt to main in farm
      * DEV-38607: Region Presence Service includes disabled regions in estate responses, resulting in high slave query rate.
      * DEV-34781 - enable use_space_server_for_map_items and set map_item_request throttle settings in simulator.xml
      * DEV-38351 changes to ip_blacklist.xml file never get automatically picked up by the simulator
      * DEV-35443 Region border crossing issues.
      * DEV-35443 revert overzealous validity checking on neighbor messages.
      * DEV-15998 changing settings to re-enable teleport throttle, following DEV-37200 fix
      * QAR-1822 CPU Overrides update to indra.xml
      * DEV-15998 changing settings to re-enable teleport throttle, following DEV-37200 fix
      * DEV-34026 Update LLAgentInfo::forwardViewerStats() to make all viewer statistics
      * DEV-38906 Teleport throttle blocks prematurely when agent teleports back and forth between 2 regions
      * DEV-38861 Intra-region TP is blocked by inter-region TP throttl
      * DEV-38504 RPS map item queries are too verbose
      * initial import of deploy_to_dev_grid.sh
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      DEV-39441 - Eliminate boost:regexp from LLString::format · 2273376d
      Steven Bennetts authored
      Also removed a missing setting (merge bug)
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