Normal Release

AVX Release


  • Added: Potato as Patreon Patron.
  • Added: Sparklebottom Lasertits as Patreon Patron.
  • Added: Narcissus as Patreon Patron.
  • Added: Petrichor Store to login page.
  • Added: Acid as Patreon Patron.
  • Added: Mark Sommerset as Patreon Patron.
  • Added: Vaelian Lionheart as Patreon Patron.
  • Changed: Nils Woerner's patronage amount.
  • Changed: Diego Cabral a Camara's patronage amount.
  • Changed: Brought tooltips in Machinima Sidebar in sync with the new preferences tooltips.
  • Changed: Max resolution for shadows to 8K in Machinima Sidebar to bring it in sync with preferences sliders.
  • Changed: Disabled /p;PreferredToolArchitecture=x64 as its throwing a lot of unnecessary "was ignored" warnings.
  • Changed: Version to 3.9.0 - Visualizing Dragon.
  • Fixed: Viewer crash when switching water presets due to falsely loading them as sky presets.
  • Fixed: bdfoateranimator.cpp/h missing from CMakeLists.
  • Fixed: Longstanding issue with fmod.dll not getting copied.
  • Fixed: Compile.
  • Misc: Selectively port some changes from EEP's reflection render code.
  • Merge Linden Release. (445 Changes)