Normal Release

AVX Release


  • Added: Cliff Hofmann as Patreon patron.
  • Added: Kodaijin as Patreon patron.
  • Added: Num Bing as Patreon patron.
  • Added: Trenton Maedor as Patreon patron.
  • Added: Allow Depth of Field in Edit mode option to preferences.
  • Added: Option to toggle considering roughness in SSR calculations.
  • Added: Belec as Patreon Patron.
  • Changed: Vastly improved and extended the complexity performance report.
  • Changed: Disabled all debug logs.
  • Changed: Final performance report verdict to give a rough summary again.
  • Changed: Version to 3.9.2.
  • Fixed: (POTENTIAL) Move Plugin Read Thread killing further to the front of the shutdown process in an attempt to reduce or fix the times the Viewer stays alive when quitting from login.
  • Fixed: Undo fix that fixed the FPS limiter working for anything but Intel GPU's.
  • Fixed: Huge VRAM usage difference when touching shadow resolution controls after starting the Viewer. Saves up to 600MB+ depending on shadow resolution.
  • Fixed: Depth of Field not working underwater anymore.
  • Fixed: Viewer Location buttons being falsely greyed out when they shouldn't and others not being greyed out when they should.
  • Fixed: Places - Landmarks scrolling around wildly the first few clicks into the window.
  • Fixed: Crash when touching day cycle editor controls after opening it when there hasn't been any active day cycle yet in this session.
  • Fixed: Email offline IM's disables itself every time you open and close the preferences window from the login screen.
  • Fixed: Turn off OpenAL usage, we have FmodStudio, also i think this breaks streams.
  • Fixed: Case where fasttimers view would stay empty because the colors weren't generated the first time opening.
  • Misc: Put an end to annoying one-liners.
  • Misc: Move FPS Limiter option to Black Dragon settings now that its officially gone.
  • Misc: As per Drake's suggestion, turn off this evil debugLoggingEnabled call.