Normal Release

AVX Release


  • Added: Catalina Staheli as Patreon patron.
  • Added: Raia Aurelia as Patreon patron.
  • Added: Caitlin as Patreon patron.
  • Added: Option to mirror all rotations done to one bone to the opposite side one to the Poser window.
  • Added: Option to disable leaving other rotation sliders alone and faking rotation values resulting in wrong default positions to the Poser window.
  • Added: Button to refresh the avatar list to the Poser window.
  • Changed: Let scrolling not fall through to the camera when we reach the end of a scrolllist.
  • Changed: Skip transition of progress screen on logout to hide rendering shutdown (pink world) like in other Viewers.
  • Changed: Version to 3.9.3.
  • Fixed: Viewer does not open place profiles anymore when an SLURL command is sent to it from the browser.
  • Fixed: Toggling Depth of Field while Volumetric Lighting is on can double the glow strength.
  • Fixed: Vignette options in Preferences - Display are cut off.
  • Fixed: Several compiler warnings about unused code.
  • Fixed: People and Inventory menus vanishing under certain conditions when resizing the window.
  • Fixed: Object Object Occlusion freaking out and making objects above the surface blink constantly when the camera is below water.
  • Fixed: Object Object Occlusion freaking out and making objects pushed below the water surface when the camera is above water blink.
  • Fixed: Poser Avatar list never refreshing as intended and being halfway broken most of the time.
  • Fixed: Voice call window docking tongue pointing into the wrong direction and being at the top instead of the bottom when the voice button is in the top toolbar.
  • Misc: Improved out-commented code and re-enabled debugging code that is actually meant to debug.
  • Misc: Comment out unused reveal intro panel code, we don't have one.
  • Misc: Fixed more compile warnings.