Normal Release

AVX Release


  • Added: Aimee Stubbs as Patreon patron.
  • Added: Avalia as Patreon patron.
  • Added: Option to toggle specularity on water surface, allowing it to reflect water but exhibit the glow-though-fullbright issue.
  • Changed: Do not add a preset separator to camera presets if there are no custom presets.
  • Changed: Make the Viewer report the original LL complexity calculation values to the server to prevent surprisingly getting banned by scripted ban tools based on complexity.
  • Changed: Version to 3.9.6.
  • Fixed: Sliders getting blocked/reverted while we are dragging them or typing into the text field.
  • Fixed: Edit button in Places not working, not hiding and being shown in the wrong panel.
  • Fixed: Mouselook preset falsely appearing in the camera presets dropdown.
  • Fixed: Teleport button in profile doesn't enable when it should.
  • Fixed: Posing status button not stopping posing.
  • Fixed: Turn does not swap to Strafe when in Third Person Steering Mode or Right-Click drag mode.
  • Fixed: Depth Snapshots weirdly zooming in when taking snapshots at unusual screen ratios.
  • Fixed: Clouds being unusually dim and lacking definition. Fix by Drake (forported from Official)
  • Fixed: Several wrong names of widgets in Places, resulting in several widgets not working or showing dummy text.
  • Fixed: Deferred Rendering not working when not at least SSAO or Shadows are on.
  • Fixed: Media-on-a-prim controls being broken and the volume control not appearing.
  • Fixed: Sparkling sun light reflection on water glowing through fullbright objects.
  • Misc: More Developer checks.
  • Misc: On behalf of Drake's recommendation, ported a bunch of his EEP fixes early.
  • Removed: Broken default LL camera presets.