Normal Release

AVX Release


  • Added: Show Selection Beam option to Build options.
  • Added: Show Light Radius option to Build options.
  • Added: Select by surrounding option to Build options.
  • Added: Next and Previous Element buttons to Build Tools.
  • Added: Selection Outlines option to Build Tools.
  • Added: Show Selection Outlines option to Preferences - Viewer tab.
  • Added: CallieRose2013 as Patreon patron.
  • Changed: Renamed Grid Options window to Build options.
  • Changed: Moved Select Only My Objects to Build options.
  • Changed: Moved Select Only Physical Objects to Build options.
  • Changed: Moved Snap to Grid mode selection to Build options.
  • Changed: Swapped Snap to Grid for a checkbox and moved it to the other commonly used options.
  • Changed: Make Selection Outlines Type and Refresh Selection Outlines option depend on Show Selection Outlines.
  • Changed: Disabled shortcut for "Quit Viewer", it was way too close to rolling the camera.
  • Changed: Version to 3.9.8.
  • Fixed: Environment Editors getting out of sync when a preset is changed outside of the Fixed Environment window while its open.
  • Fixed: Deferred Rendering failing when SSR is enabled but everything else is disabled.
  • Fixed: Viewer attempting to open an empty invalid chat when double clicking "None" group.
  • Fixed: Snapshots sometimes tiling weirdly and inventory snapshots being broken.
  • Fixed: Potential startup crash when gJoystick isn't initialized yet.
  • Fixed: Crash when trying to edit linden grass/trees.
  • Fixed: First-time startup crash when a controller was plugged in.
  • Fixed: Simple fullbrights with shiny not being subject to atmospheric haze.
  • Fixed: Image dimensions text in texture picker not being displayed.
  • Fixed: Fixed Rigged Alpha not being fogged underwater, ported from Alchemy as per Drake's recommendation.
  • Removed: Class 3 shaders.