Normal Release

AVX Release


  • Added: "Requires Deferred Rendering" label next to all major toggles to clarify even more that they do infact require it.
  • Changed: Moved Enable Fullbright option to basic options.
  • Changed: Minimum value for Glow Iterations to 1 to prevent people from setting it to 0 and getting glow stuck on screen.
  • Changed: Updated and fixed the shadow resolution warning notifications to include 8K and the correct 6K memory amount.
  • Changed: Tweaked blur light kernel slightly for slightly sharper shadows and less banding at higher blur size.
  • Changed: Version to 4.0.1.
  • Fixed: Deferred can disable itself leaving the user unable to re-enable it.
  • Fixed: Antialiasing warning background appearing ontop of the Deferred tab background.
  • Fixed: Avatar Physics Quality not being disabled when Avatar Physics is toggled off.
  • Fixed: Labels for dropdowns not showing greyed out when the dropdown is disabled.
  • Fixed: Incorrect tooltip in shadow resolution settings. 6K is 128MB not 112MB.
  • Fixed: Incorrect warning stating that Intel GPU only impacts performance when it does in fact make you unable to use Deferred.
  • Fixed: Several notifications not blocking input until the user confirmed the notification.
  • Fixed: Warning notifications not appearing on top of the snapshot window (specifically the 4K warning).
  • Fixed: Local snapshot format cannot be changed inside the Snapshot window.
  • Fixed: Binding Default Zoom/Roll to nothing (-1) prevents using Zoom and Roll completely.
  • Fixed: Bound button actions being applied possibly several times resulting in too much input per frame.
  • Fixed: Post Processing Effects (Sepia, Greyscale, Posterize etc) not working when Volumetric Lighting was enabled but Shadows disabled.
  • Fixed: Long standing issue with light softening "snapping" to different strengths at different camera up angles.
  • Fixed: Long standing issue with light softening only incrementing in "steps" when raising Blur Size option.
  • Misc: Cleaned up llviewerjoystick.cpp/h a bit.