Commit 15b3b4ef authored by Rye Mutt's avatar Rye Mutt 🍞
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Merge branch 'master' into 'master'

Fix for issue #33

See merge request alchemy/alchemy!5
parents 518d4bb6 8dc80f5c
......@@ -2219,8 +2219,7 @@ void send_do_not_disturb_message(LLMessageSystem* msg, const LLUUID& from_id, co
std::string my_name;
std::string name;
msg->getStringFast(_PREHASH_MessageBlock, _PREHASH_FromAgentName, name);
name = LLCacheName::cleanFullName(name);
gCacheName->getFullName(from_id, name);
std::string response = gSavedPerAccountSettings.getString("DoNotDisturbModeResponse");
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