Commit 16db3b68 authored by Rye Mutt's avatar Rye Mutt 🍞
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Smol potential crash fix

parent 9ae1a9ca
......@@ -491,10 +491,10 @@ void LLViewerTexLayerSetBuffer::doUpload()
LLVFile file(gVFS, asset_id, LLAssetType::AT_TEXTURE);
file_size = file.getSize();
U8* data = integrity_test->allocateData(file_size);, file_size);
std::string asset_data;
if (data)
{, file_size);
asset_data.append(reinterpret_cast< char const*> (data), file_size);
valid = integrity_test->validate(data, file_size); // integrity_test will delete 'data'
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