Commit 1cdfda37 authored by Luminous Luminos's avatar Luminous Luminos
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Fix opening task inventory item properties from side panel banishment.

parent 30036884
......@@ -945,5 +945,9 @@ void LLFloaterItemProperties::onOpen(const LLSD& key)
// Tell the panel which item it needs to visualize
LLSidepanelItemInfo* panel = getChild<LLSidepanelItemInfo>("item_panel");
if (key.has("object"))
......@@ -699,7 +699,9 @@ BOOL get_is_category_renameable(const LLInventoryModel* model, const LLUUID& id)
void show_task_item_profile(const LLUUID& item_uuid, const LLUUID& object_id)
LLFloaterSidePanelContainer::showPanel("inventory", LLSD().with("id", item_uuid).with("object", object_id));
// <alchemy> open the item properties for a task directly. We do not have the same side panel flow control.
//LLFloaterSidePanelContainer::showPanel("inventory", LLSD().with("id", item_uuid).with("object", object_id));
LLFloaterReg::showInstance("item_properties", LLSD().with("id", item_uuid).with("object", object_id));
void show_item_profile(const LLUUID& item_uuid)
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