Commit 4f94a852 authored by Testicular Slingshot's avatar Testicular Slingshot
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Fixed a bug where right clicking and opening the object profile floater for...

Fixed a bug where right clicking and opening the object profile floater for the first time doesn't update the creator and owner names. This is due to the line editors having something like 'TestString IgnorePlease' as their initial value instead of a null string.
parent 0dac8225
...@@ -125,9 +125,11 @@ BOOL LLSidepanelTaskInfo::postBuild() ...@@ -125,9 +125,11 @@ BOOL LLSidepanelTaskInfo::postBuild()
mCreatorNameLabel = getChild<LLTextBox>("CreatorNameLabel"); mCreatorNameLabel = getChild<LLTextBox>("CreatorNameLabel");
mCreatorNameEditor = getChild<LLTextBox>("Creator Name"); mCreatorNameEditor = getChild<LLTextBox>("Creator Name");
mOwnerNameLabel = getChild<LLTextBox>("Owner:"); mOwnerNameLabel = getChild<LLTextBox>("Owner:");
mOwnerNameEditor = getChild<LLTextBox>("Owner Name"); mOwnerNameEditor = getChild<LLTextBox>("Owner Name");
mGroupNameLabel = getChild<LLTextBox>("Group_label"); mGroupNameLabel = getChild<LLTextBox>("Group_label");
mGroupSetButton = getChild<LLButton>("button set group"); mGroupSetButton = getChild<LLButton>("button set group");
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