Commit a3ef4170 authored by Drake Arconis's avatar Drake Arconis
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fixed: Warning in viewer log about invalid toolbar number

parent 7b1b2330
......@@ -3046,6 +3046,9 @@ void LLFloaterView::setToolbarRect(LLToolBarEnums::EToolBarLocation tb, const LL
case LLToolBarEnums::TOOLBAR_RIGHT:
mToolbarRightRect = toolbar_rect;
case LLToolBarEnums::TOOLBAR_TOP:
mToolbarTopRect = toolbar_rect;
llwarns << "setToolbarRect() passed odd toolbar number " << (S32) tb << llendl;
......@@ -586,6 +586,7 @@ private:
LLRect mToolbarLeftRect;
LLRect mToolbarBottomRect;
LLRect mToolbarRightRect;
LLRect mToolbarTopRect;
LLHandle<LLView> mSnapView;
BOOL mFocusCycleMode;
S32 mSnapOffsetBottom;
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