Commit dc4f4948 authored by Rye Mutt's avatar Rye Mutt 🍞
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Always show staff names as their specified color regardless of RLV

parent c3d263ec
......@@ -98,7 +98,7 @@ const LLColor4& ALAvatarColorMgr::getColor(const LLUUID& id)
LLAvatarNameCache::get(id, &av_name);
const bool rlv_show_name = RlvActions::canShowName(RlvActions::SNC_DEFAULT, id);
if (LLMuteList::instance().isLinden(av_name.getUserName()) && rlv_show_name) // linden
if (LLMuteList::instance().isLinden(av_name.getUserName())) // linden
return av_linden_color.get();
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