Commit 95b375b0 authored by Nat Goodspeed's avatar Nat Goodspeed
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DRTVWR-418: Remove a couple bad vendor branch tactic artifacts.

It seems that, perhaps due to mistakenly checking in past vendor updates on the
default branch rather than the vendor branch, curl/lib/multi.c has acquired a
couple bits of cruft carried over from previous releases. These are now
causing compile errors. Try cleaning them out of multi.c in hopes it helps.

GOOD_EASY_HANDLE is now defined in urldata.h, not locally in this file.

isHandleAtHead() is dubious because there's no more SessionHandle struct.
parent e43a48c1
......@@ -64,15 +64,11 @@
#define GOOD_MULTI_HANDLE(x) \
((x) && (x)->type == CURL_MULTI_HANDLE)
#define GOOD_EASY_HANDLE(x) \
((x) && (((struct SessionHandle *)(x))->magic == CURLEASY_MAGIC_NUMBER))
static void singlesocket(struct Curl_multi *multi,
struct Curl_easy *data);
static int update_timer(struct Curl_multi *multi);
static bool isHandleAtHead(struct SessionHandle *handle,
struct curl_llist *pipeline);
static CURLMcode add_next_timeout(struct timeval now,
struct Curl_multi *multi,
struct Curl_easy *d);
......@@ -1828,12 +1824,10 @@ static CURLMcode multi_runsingle(struct Curl_multi *multi,
else {
infof(data, "WAITPERFORM: Conn %ld recv pipe %zu inuse %s athead %s\n",
infof(data, "WAITPERFORM: Conn %ld recv pipe %zu inuse %s\n",
......@@ -2868,16 +2862,6 @@ static int update_timer(struct Curl_multi *multi)
return multi->timer_cb(multi, timeout_ms, multi->timer_userp);
static bool isHandleAtHead(struct SessionHandle *handle,
struct curl_llist *pipeline)
struct curl_llist_element *curr = pipeline->head;
return (curr->ptr == handle) ? TRUE : FALSE;
return FALSE;
* multi_deltimeout()
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