Commit e43a48c1 authored by Nat Goodspeed's avatar Nat Goodspeed
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DRTVWR-418: Explicitly set CMake var ENABLE_THREADED_RESOLVER. has a 'check_damage' shell function that checks to see whether
USE_THREADS_POSIX is set in curl_config.h. In version 7.54.1, it isn't: you
must specifically request it by overriding ENABLE_THREADED_RESOLVER on the
CMake command line. Pass that.
parent ca801f04
......@@ -127,7 +127,8 @@ pushd "$CURL_BUILD_DIR"
-DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX="$(cygpath -m "$stage")"
check_damage "$AUTOBUILD_PLATFORM"
......@@ -201,6 +202,7 @@ pushd "$CURL_BUILD_DIR"
cmake ../${CURL_SOURCE_DIR} -GXcode -DCMAKE_C_FLAGS:STRING="$opts" \
check_damage "$AUTOBUILD_PLATFORM"
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