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      for all platforms of interest.
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      DRTVWR-418: Fix minor merge mistake. · 4bb85904
      Nat Goodspeed authored
      There was a merge collision in multi.c's multi_runsingle() function at the
      point where we have a local patch concerning bug 1420. The upstream change was
      to change a Curl_done() call to multi_done(). Our patch called Curl_done() in
      each clause of an 'if' statement; we changed both to multi_done(). However,
      our patch also had a Curl_posttransfer() call; we overzealously changed that
      to multi_posttransfer() too. But there is no such function. Change back to
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      DRTVWR-418: Remove a couple bad vendor branch tactic artifacts. · 95b375b0
      Nat Goodspeed authored
      It seems that, perhaps due to mistakenly checking in past vendor updates on the
      default branch rather than the vendor branch, curl/lib/multi.c has acquired a
      couple bits of cruft carried over from previous releases. These are now
      causing compile errors. Try cleaning them out of multi.c in hopes it helps.
      GOOD_EASY_HANDLE is now defined in urldata.h, not locally in this file.
      isHandleAtHead() is dubious because there's no more SessionHandle struct.
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      DRTVWR-418: Explicitly set CMake var ENABLE_THREADED_RESOLVER. · e43a48c1
      Nat Goodspeed authored
      build-cmd.sh has a 'check_damage' shell function that checks to see whether
      USE_THREADS_POSIX is set in curl_config.h. In version 7.54.1, it isn't: you
      must specifically request it by overriding ENABLE_THREADED_RESOLVER on the
      CMake command line. Pass that.
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      DRTVWR-418: Update with local copies of build-{open,wolf}ssl.bat · 94a26a8d
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      After the curl-7.54.1 vendor branch update, when I went to switch back to the
      default branch, Mercurial told me I had untracked local copies of
      curl/projects/build-{open,wolf}ssl.bat that would collide with newly-added
      files with those same pathnames. I moved them aside, switched to default and
      reinstated the local copies. These appear to be "better" than what just
      arrived in the tarball in a few respects:
      - '\n' instead of '\r\n' (though that may not be "better" for cmd.exe)
      - newer copyright date
      - fixed copyright download URL
      - more sophisticated Perl detection logic: recovery logic added
      Accordingly, I've checked in the files we had locally.
      This may well be moot: I doubt we actually use either of these .bat files. But
      from an information-preserving point of view, these have now been captured. If
      it later turns out to be better to backout the changes, so be it.
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      vendor curl-7.54.1 · 34dcde89
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      branch : vendor
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