Commit e6ad264c authored by Nat Goodspeed's avatar Nat Goodspeed
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MAINT-7081: Set canonical Linden -id stamp into libnghttp2.dylib.

Well, actually, into the real dylib pointed to by libnghttp2.dylib.
parent 0c7c694c
......@@ -88,6 +88,17 @@ pushd "$top/nghttp2"
mkdir -p "$stage/lib/release"
mv "$top/nghttp2/lib"/libnghttp2*.dylib "$stage/lib/release/"
# SL-807: fix_dylib_id doesn't really handle symlinks, even though
# it's coded to try to do so. Chase the multiple levels of
# indirection to find the real dylib.
pushd "$stage/lib/release"
while [ -L "$dylib" ]
do dylib="$(readlink "$dylib")"
fix_dylib_id "$dylib"
# make distclean
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