Commit 74be17a4 authored by Rye Mutt's avatar Rye Mutt 🍞
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Speed up CAS shader a bit

parent 7ace801c
......@@ -84,18 +84,17 @@ void main()
// g h i h
// These are 2.0x bigger (factored out the extra multiply).
vec3 mnRGB = min(min(min(d,e),min(f,b)),h);
vec3 mnRGB2 = min(min(min(mnRGB,a),min(g,c)),i);
vec3 mnRGB = min(min(min(d, e), min(f, b)), h);
vec3 mnRGB2 = min(mnRGB, min(min(a, c), min(g, i)));
mnRGB += mnRGB2;
vec3 mxRGB = max(max(max(d,e),max(f,b)),h);
vec3 mxRGB2 = max(max(max(mxRGB,a),max(g,c)),i);
vec3 mxRGB = max(max(max(d, e), max(f, b)), h);
vec3 mxRGB2 = max(mxRGB, max(max(a, c), max(g, i)));
mxRGB += mxRGB2;
// Smooth minimum distance to signal limit divided by smooth max.
vec3 rcpMxRGB = vec3(1)/mxRGB;
vec3 ampRGB = clamp((min(mnRGB,2.0-mxRGB) * rcpMxRGB),0,1);
vec3 rcpMxRGB = vec3(1) / mxRGB;
vec3 ampRGB = clamp((min(mnRGB, 2.0-mxRGB) * rcpMxRGB), 0, 1);
// Shaping amount of sharpening.
ampRGB = inversesqrt(ampRGB);
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