This update brings many performances improvements, library updates, and bug fixes as well as a few new features.

Important highlights from this release

  • Updated to Second Life codebase (including HTTP pipelining)
  • Legacy search
  • Chat and UI updates

All updates for this release

New Feature

  • ALCH-88 RESOLVED Add optional channel selector to local chatbar and an option to toggle this in preferences.
  • ALCH-76 RESOLVED Announce Incoming IMs
  • ALCH-61 RESOLVED Legacy Search
  • ALCH-58 RESOLVED Ability to export and import avatar shapes
  • ALCH-56 RESOLVED Notifications into chat for avatars entering and leaving region
  • ALCH-50 RESOLVED Ability to disable Teleport screen


  • ALCH-111 RESOLVED Move control panel to the left side of world map
  • ALCH-110 OPEN Allow setting custom dot colors on the minimap.
  • ALCH-109 RESOLVED Redesign Camera Floater
  • ALCH-107 RESOLVED Persistent storage for Recent Panel
  • ALCH-105 RESOLVED Nearby typing indicator
  • ALCH-104 RESOLVED Texture metadata decoder
  • ALCH-85 RESOLVED Redesign Events floater
  • ALCH-83 RESOLVED AES Encrypt/decrypt support
  • ALCH-82 RESOLVED Base64 Encoding support
  • ALCH-78 RESOLVED Checking the edit my objects box in profile panesl does not bring up a confirmation dialog
  • ALCH-11 RESOLVED Show IM typing notification in the CHUI "tab"


  • ALCH-118 OPEN The Landmarks Panel is pure evil
  • ALCH-115 RESOLVED Unable to launch using Alchemy app
  • ALCH-113 RESOLVED "Unable to save shape to central asset store. This is usually a temporary failure. Please customize and save wearable again in a few minutes." error when trying to save customized shape.
  • ALCH-79 RESOLVED Split long IMs into multiple messages to avoid truncation
  • ALCH-77 RESOLVED please no start after setup
  • ALCH-64 RESOLVED Opening a pick from profiles crashes.


  • ALCH-112 RESOLVED Allow dropping inventory onto profile panel to share
  • ALCH-63 RESOLVED Web-tabs for Legacy Search


  • ALCH-87 RESOLVED Group Info Sidetray refactor
  • ALCH-86 CLOSED Add Region Tracker menu item to World menu
  • ALCH-66 RESOLVED Many settings need exposed in Preferences or elsewhere