Updates to Windows compiler, added support for Open Simulator, many graphics improvements.

Important highlights from this release

  • OpenSimulator Support
  • Build tools improvements
  • Second Life 3.8.2 Base and library updates
  • Update to the Visual Studio 2015 toolchain for Windows
  • Support for up to 2 gigabytes of texture memory

All updates for this release


  • ALCH-70 RESOLVED Add OpenSimulator support including hypergrid support

New Feature

  • ALCH-261 RESOLVED Add a means of aligning materials to texture
  • ALCH-237 RESOLVED Add Script Options from the Build>Scripts> menu to the right click>build> submenu
  • ALCH-74 RESOLVED Hypergrid support/multigrid support
  • ALCH-71 RESOLVED OpenSim Varregion support


  • ALCH-269 RESOLVED User specified time for region restarts
  • ALCH-231 RESOLVED Double-click teleport is slow
  • ALCH-193 RESOLVED Setting to disable camera reset on avatar click
  • ALCH-98 RESOLVED Crouch Toggle


  • ALCH-273 RESOLVED Texture Selector Breaking on Latest Dire Build
  • ALCH-267 RESOLVED Minimap tile doesn't fit right on OpenSim varregions
  • ALCH-259 RESOLVED Edit Terrain... Hey, where'd it go? Put it back!
  • ALCH-257 RESOLVED Region Server's Release Notes always "Retrieving..." in the About Alchemy floater
  • ALCH-253 RESOLVED Can not deactivate gestures via right click-> deactivate
  • ALCH-250 RESOLVED Clicking Input/Output devices doesn't show the mic slider/volume control
  • ALCH-244 RESOLVED When inputting Japanese, an input position doesn't move.
  • ALCH-238 RESOLVED Crash when Ctrl-Delete text in Script Editor
  • ALCH-217 RESOLVED Region name sticks to Teleport Progress floater.
  • ALCH-114 RESOLVED Look At Focus Sporadic


  • ALCH-69 RESOLVED OpenSim support for legacy search