We are proud to announce the first beta of the 5.x series!

Important highlights from this release

  • Bento Support

Known Issues

  • CEF fails to display correctly on macOS. Resizing the window should correct this. We are working on a fix!

All updates for this release


  • ALCH-384 RESOLVED Merge in changes from Linden 4.0.1


  • ALCH-482 RESOLVED All faces of some meshes are using the same texture settings in latest dire
  • ALCH-475 RESOLVED Alchemy closes down when banning a person from a group
  • ALCH-472 RESOLVED Alchemy crashs during login because of inventory (Linux Viewer)
  • ALCH-416 RESOLVED Texture bakes just soemtimes stop
  • ALCH-295 RESOLVED Sound emitters attached to avatar may flicker between surround channels while avatar is in motion.