We are proud to present a new release!

Important highlights from this release

  • Many rendering improvements, bug fixes, and optimizations
  • Separated profiles from the hub floaters such as avatar, group, and inventory properties
  • Many stability improvements

Known Issues

  • Failure to login or connect.
  • Workaround: Only enter the first 16 characters of your password

All updates for this release

New Feature

  • ALCH-509 RESOLVED Disable Receiving Group Chat Messages


  • ALCH-550 RESOLVED Clicking "OK" on texture selection for particle floater crashes alchemy
  • ALCH-548 RESOLVED Everything in the people's floater is overflowing
  • ALCH-530 RESOLVED Soma FM streams tend to drop abruptly, 5.0.x
  • ALCH-527 RESOLVED [Crash] The viewer crashes when attempting to open a script from object contents.
  • ALCH-526 RESOLVED Crash on Requesting Region Capabilities
  • ALCH-522 RESOLVED Unloaded Map Tiles in minimap lack blue under-color
  • ALCH-521 RESOLVED Texture Asset loading hits SERIOUSLY SLOW spots
  • ALCH-518 RESOLVED Rotating a Normal Map rotates entire light direction
  • ALCH-515 RESOLVED Viewer crashes when trying to access the "About Alchemy" tab
  • ALCH-514 RESOLVED Copy SLURL in about landmark doesn't work good either
  • ALCH-508 RESOLVED Viewer clock and date not showing
  • ALCH-506 RESOLVED Importing AO Notecard with error to client-side AO causes notification error
  • ALCH-502 RESOLVED Texture Downloading problems on Dire
  • ALCH-496 RESOLVED Meshes with fullbright don't display with shadows
  • ALCH-490 RESOLVED RIght click landmark -> copy SLURL doesn't work
  • ALCH-463 RESOLVED Client Side Animation Overrider Destroys Inventory Structure
  • ALCH-370 RESOLVED Can't Edit Profile from Viewer/ "About Land" Edit from menu
  • ALCH-301 RESOLVED PIck Edit Button That does Naught
  • ALCH-276 RESOLVED Advanced Lighting Model - Incorrect Rendering