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Revert "Doink execfiiiile()"

This reverts commit 900e7bed.
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......@@ -40,14 +40,15 @@ import os.path
# you (because you already have your package's dependencies installed), but it
# will wreak havoc upon new users of your package, as they will not be able to
# install your package without manually installing the dependencies first."
def execfiiiile(filepath, globals, locals=None):
mode = 'rb'
with open(filename, mode) as stream:
script =
if locals is None:
locals = globals
code = compile(script, filename, 'exec')
exec(code, globals, locals)
def execfiiiile(filepath, globals=None, locals=None):
if globals is None:
globals = {}
"__file__": filepath,
"__name__": "__main__",
with open(filepath, 'rb') as file:
exec(compile(, filepath, 'exec'), globals, locals)
execfiiiile(os.path.join("autobuild", ""))
# The previous execfile better have defined AUTOBUILD_VERSION_STRING!
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