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      Merge pull request #399 from zeux/gltf-nosort · ac0e123e
      Arseny Kapoulkine authored
      gltfpack: Sort bone influences by weight, not by index
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      gltfpack: Sort bone influences by weight, not by index · b960343b
      Arseny Kapoulkine authored
      This slightly regresses the compression ratio but the delta is not very significant -
      it seems to be <~0.1% on most meshes and goes up to ~0.3% on some.
      We can probably recoup some of the losses by sorting the skin joints in the future
      by making the neighboring joints more spatially proximal wrt rigging.
      With this change renderers that discard lower weights and renormalize the rest will
      not have to sort the weights for glTF files packed by gltfpack in the future, even
      though there's no way to indicate that in the file for now.
  8. 13 Jan, 2022 4 commits
  9. 04 Jan, 2022 1 commit
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      Use ln -fs instead of cp · 4f2b918d
      Arseny Kapoulkine authored
      This works around a codesign bug in macOS where cp overwrites the bits of the target executable
      but doesn't fix up the codesign metadata so the executable can't be launched.
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      gltfpack: Compress textures in parallel · f82bcef9
      Arseny Kapoulkine authored
      Instead of encoding one image at a time and letting Basis do internal
      threading we now encode images in parallel using two job pools, one for
      actual encoding and another one for farming out Basis encoding jobs.
      As a result the compression is much faster, eg jrat.gltf encodes in ~20
      seconds before this change and in ~7.5 seconds after it on Ryzen 5900X.
      Note that we use two pools but their use isn't very well balanced;
      depending on the mode we aren't running as fast as we possibly could, eg
      changing both pools to max out logical processor count gets us to 5.5
      seconds on the same input. However this would mean that we'd overload
      the system so for now we're going to stay conservative.
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      Merge pull request #389 from zeux/gltf-par · c580244b
      Arseny Kapoulkine authored
      gltfpack: Cleanup Basis integration
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      Switch to basis_universal fork · 762a61b5
      Arseny Kapoulkine authored
      We will need changes from this for parallelism
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      gltfpack: Move some code out of writeImage into writeEncodedImage · d10bc306
      Arseny Kapoulkine authored
      This allows us to implement pre-encoding