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Adding support for Meson.

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......@@ -66,6 +66,30 @@ to the files you want to use JSON objects. That's it. Do not forget to set the n
:beer: If you are using OS X and [Homebrew](, just type `brew tap nlohmann/json` and `brew install nlohmann_json` and you're set. If you want the bleeding edge rather than the latest release, use `brew install nlohmann_json --HEAD`.
If you are using the Meson Build System, then add a file called `nlohmann_json.wrap` to a file to your `subprojects` directory with the following 4 lines:
You can then create a reference to it in your `` file by adding the line:
nlohmann_json_sp = subproject('nlohmann_json')
Here's an example of an executable called `awesomeness` that uses this library through the reference created above.
dependencies: nlohmann_json_sp.get_variable('nlohmann_json_dep')
:warning: [Version 3.0.0]( is currently under development. Branch `develop` is used for the ongoing work and is probably **unstable**. Please use the `master` branch for the last stable version 2.1.1.
project('nlohmann_json', 'cpp')
nlohmann_json_inc = include_directories('src')
nlohmann_json_dep = declare_dependency(
include_directories : nlohmann_json_inc
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