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......@@ -116,7 +116,6 @@ If you are using [vcpkg](https://github.com/Microsoft/vcpkg/) on your project fo
If you are using [cget](http://cget.readthedocs.io/en/latest/), you can install the latest development version with `cget install nlohmann/json`. A specific version can be installed with `cget install nlohmann/json@v3.1.0`. Also, the multiple header version can be installed by adding the `-DJSON_MultipleHeaders=ON` flag (i.e., `cget install nlohmann/json -DJSON_MultipleHeaders=ON`).
## CocoaPods
If you are using [CocoaPods](https://cocoapods.org), you can use the library by adding pod `"nlohmann_json", '~>3.1.2'` to your podfile (see [an example](https://bitbucket.org/benman/nlohmann_json-cocoapod/src/master/)). Please file issues [here](https://bitbucket.org/benman/nlohmann_json-cocoapod/issues?status=new&status=open).
......@@ -141,3 +140,14 @@ Please file issues [here](https://github.com/build2-packaging/nlohmann-json) if
## wsjcpp
If you are using [`wsjcpp`](http://wsjcpp.org), you can use the command `wsjcpp install "https://github.com/nlohmann/json:develop"` to get the latest version. Note you can change the branch ":develop" to an existing tag or another branch.
### CPM.cmake
If you are using [`CPM.cmake`](https://github.com/TheLartians/CPM.cmake), you can check this [`example`](https://github.com/TheLartians/CPM.cmake/tree/master/examples/json). After [adding CPM script](https://github.com/TheLartians/CPM.cmake#adding-cpm) to your project, implement the following snippet to your CMake:
NAME nlohmann_json
VERSION 3.9.1)
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