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......@@ -587,8 +587,9 @@ I deeply appreciate the help of the following people.
- [Yixin Zhang]( fixed an integer overflow check.
- [Bosswestfalen]( merged two iterator classes into a smaller one.
- [Daniel599]( helped to get Travis execute the tests with Clang's sanitizers.
- [Jonathan Lee]( fixed an example in the README file.
Thanks a lot for helping out!
Thanks a lot for helping out! Please [let me know]( if I forgot someone.
## Notes
......@@ -601,6 +602,8 @@ Thanks a lot for helping out!
- [Unicode noncharacters]( will not be replaced by the library.
- Invalid surrogates (e.g., incomplete pairs such as `\uDEAD`) will yield parse errors.
- The strings stored in the library are UTF-8 encoded. When using the default string type (`std::string`), note that its length/size functions return the number of stored bytes rather than the number of characters or glyphs.
- The code can be compiled without C++ **runtime type identification** features; that is, you can use the `-fno-rtti` compiler flag.
- **Exceptions** are used widly within the library. They can, however, be switched off with either using the compiler flag `-fno-exceptions` or by defining the symbol `JSON_NOEXCEPTION`. In this case, exceptions are replaced by an `abort()` call.
## Execute unit tests
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