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📝 fixed typo #481

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......@@ -825,9 +825,10 @@ I deeply appreciate the help of the following people.
- [EnricoBilla](https://github.com/EnricoBilla) noted a typo in an example.
- [Martin Hořeňovský](https://github.com/horenmar) found a way for a 2x speedup for the compilation time of the test suite.
- [ukhegg](https://github.com/ukhegg) found proposed an improvement for the examples section.
- [rswanson-ihi](https://github.com/rswanson-ihi) noted a type in the README.
- [rswanson-ihi](https://github.com/rswanson-ihi) noted a typo in the README.
- [Mihai Stan](https://github.com/stanmihai4) fixed a bug in the comparison with `nullptr`s.
- [Tushar Maheshwari](https://github.com/tusharpm) added [cotire](https://github.com/sakra/cotire) support to speed up the compilation.
- [TedLyngmo](https://github.com/TedLyngmo) noted a typo in the README.
Thanks a lot for helping out! Please [let me know](mailto:mail@nlohmann.me) if I forgot someone.
......@@ -887,7 +888,7 @@ To compile and run the tests, you need to execute
$ make json_unit -Ctest
$ ./test/json_unit "*""
$ ./test/json_unit "*"
All tests passed (11202597 assertions in 47 test cases)
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