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DOC: add sort mentioning about support in hunter

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......@@ -70,6 +70,8 @@ If you are using the [Meson Build System](, then you can w
If you are using [Conan]( to manage your dependencies, merely add `jsonformoderncpp/x.y.z@vthiery/stable` to your ``'s requires, where `x.y.z` is the release version you want to use. Please file issues [here]( if you experience problems with the packages.
If you are using [hunter]( on your project for external dependencies, then you can use the [nlohman_json package]( Please see the hunter project for any issues regarding the packaging.
:warning: [Version 3.0.0]( is currently under development. Branch `develop` is used for the ongoing work and is probably **unstable**. Please use the `master` branch for the last stable version 2.1.1.
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