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......@@ -72,4 +72,5 @@ The following areas really need contribution:
- Extending the **continuous integration** beyond Linux running some versions of GCC and Clang on [Travis]( and Microsoft Visual Studio on [AppVeyor]( We have found a lot of bugs just because several compilers behave in a slightly different manner.
- Improving the efficiency of the **JSON parser**. The current parser is implemented as a naive recursive descent parser with hand coded string handling. More sophisticated approaches like LALR parsers would be really appreciated. That said, parser generators like Bison or ANTLR do not play nice with single-header files -- I really would like to keep the parser inside the `json.hpp` header, and I am not aware of approaches similar to [`re2c`]( for parsing.
- Extending and updating existing **benchmarks** to include (the most recent version of) this library. Though efficiency is not everything, speed and memory consumption are very important characteristics for C++ developers, so having proper comparisons would be interesting.
- Check the code with [Coverity](
- Check the code with [**Coverity**](
- Make the code **locale-independent**. The library currently only works for a locale where `.` is the decimal point character.
......@@ -25,6 +25,8 @@ Other aspects were not so important to us:
- **Speed**. We currently implement the parser as naive [recursive descent parser]( with hand coded string handling. It is fast enough, but a [LALR-parser]( with a decent regular expression processor should be even faster (but would consist of more files which makes the integration harder).
See the [](contribution guidelines) for more information.
## Integration
The single required source, file `json.hpp` is in the `src` directory or [released here]( All you need to do is add
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