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project('libepoxy', 'c', version: '1.5.7',
project('libepoxy', 'c', version: '1.5.9',
default_options: [
......@@ -670,17 +670,23 @@ epoxy_load_gl(void)
get_dlopen_handle(&api.gl_handle, OPENGL_LIB, true, true);
// Prefer GLX_LIB over OPENGL_LIB to maintain existing behavior.
// Using the inverse ordering OPENGL_LIB -> GLX_LIB, causes issues such as:
// (apitrace missing calls)
// (Xorg boot crash)
get_dlopen_handle(&api.glx_handle, GLX_LIB, false, true);
api.gl_handle = api.glx_handle;
#if defined(OPENGL_LIB)
if (!api.gl_handle)
get_dlopen_handle(&api.gl_handle, OPENGL_LIB, false, true);
get_dlopen_handle(&api.gl_handle, OPENGL_LIB, false, true);
if (!api.gl_handle) {
get_dlopen_handle(&api.gl_handle, GLX_LIB, true, true);
if (!api.glx_handle)
api.glx_handle = api.gl_handle;
fprintf(stderr, "Couldn't open %s or %s\n", GLX_LIB, OPENGL_LIB);
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