Commit 612e93e0 authored by Rye Mutt's avatar Rye Mutt 🍞

Update win build script

parent ee01318c
......@@ -113,8 +113,8 @@
......@@ -41,38 +41,44 @@ case "$AUTOBUILD_PLATFORM" in
function copy_result {
# $1 is the build directory in which to find the result
# $2 is the basename of the .lib file we expect to find there
cp "win32/$1/$2.lib" "$stage/lib/release/"
# This is odd, but empirically even VS 2017 (aka vc150) produces a
# vc120.pdb file into $1. Since the string "vc120" isn't obviously
# embedded in either the .sln file or the various .vcxproj files,
# we didn't dig further to try to figure out how to change it
# there. (If we were going to change it there, we'd want to change
# it to match the .lib name itself, instead of having to rename it
# in this copy command.)
cp "win32/$1/vc120.pdb" "$stage/lib/release/$2.pdb"
cp "$1/$2".{lib,dll,exp,pdb} "$stage/lib/$3/"
then bitdir="Win32"
else bitdir="x64"
pushd "win32/VS2019"
build_sln "libogg.sln" "DebugDLL" "$AUTOBUILD_WIN_VSPLATFORM" "libogg"
mkdir -p "$stage/lib/debug"
copy_result "$bitdir/DebugDLL" libogg debug
build_sln "win32/ogg.sln" "Release|$AUTOBUILD_WIN_VSPLATFORM" "ogg_static"
build_sln "libogg.sln" "ReleaseDLL" "$AUTOBUILD_WIN_VSPLATFORM" "libogg"
mkdir -p "$stage/lib/release"
copy_result Static_Release ogg_static
mkdir -p "$stage/lib/release"
copy_result "$bitdir/ReleaseDLL" libogg release
mkdir -p "$stage/include"
cp -a "include/ogg/" "$stage/include/"
pushd "win32/VS2019"
build_sln "vorbis_dynamic.sln" "DebugDLL" "$AUTOBUILD_WIN_VSPLATFORM"
copy_result "$bitdir/DebugDLL" libvorbis debug
copy_result "$bitdir/DebugDLL" libvorbisfile debug
build_sln "win32/vorbis.sln" "Release|$AUTOBUILD_WIN_VSPLATFORM" "vorbis_static"
build_sln "win32/vorbis.sln" "Release|$AUTOBUILD_WIN_VSPLATFORM" "vorbisenc_static"
build_sln "win32/vorbis.sln" "Release|$AUTOBUILD_WIN_VSPLATFORM" "vorbisfile_static"
build_sln "vorbis_dynamic.sln" "ReleaseDLL" "$AUTOBUILD_WIN_VSPLATFORM"
copy_result Vorbis_Static_Release vorbis_static
copy_result VorbisEnc_Static_Release vorbisenc_static
copy_result VorbisFile_Static_Release vorbisfile_static
cp -a "include/vorbis/" "$stage/include/"
copy_result "$bitdir/ReleaseDLL" libvorbis release
copy_result "$bitdir/ReleaseDLL" libvorbisfile release
cp -a "include/vorbis/" "$stage/include/"
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