Commit 99e8f1a1 authored by Nat Goodspeed's avatar Nat Goodspeed

DRTVWR-476: Fix copy commands for .pdb files generated by VS 2017.

On noticing that VS 2013 produced .pdb files called vc120.pdb, we naturally
assumed that VS 2017 (and onward) would produce vc$AUTOBUILD_VSVER.pdb files.
This turns out to be wrong: apparently they're unconditionally vc120.pdb.

Introduce a copy_result shell function so when that needs to be fixed again,
we can fix it in a single place.
parent 78e2ce09
......@@ -38,13 +38,26 @@ echo "${OGG_VERSION}-${VORBIS_VERSION}.${build}" > "${stage}/VERSION.txt"
function copy_result {
# $1 is the build directory in which to find the result
# $2 is the basename of the .lib file we expect to find there
cp "win32/$1/$2.lib" "$stage/lib/release/"
# This is odd, but empirically even VS 2017 (aka vc150) produces a
# vc120.pdb file into $1. Since the string "vc120" isn't obviously
# embedded in either the .sln file or the various .vcxproj files,
# we didn't dig further to try to figure out how to change it
# there. (If we were going to change it there, we'd want to change
# it to match the .lib name itself, instead of having to rename it
# in this copy command.)
cp "win32/$1/vc120.pdb" "$stage/lib/release/$2.pdb"
build_sln "win32/ogg.sln" "Release|$AUTOBUILD_WIN_VSPLATFORM" "ogg_static"
mkdir -p "$stage/lib/release"
cp "win32/Static_Release/ogg_static.lib" "$stage/lib/release/"
cp "win32/Static_Release/vc$AUTOBUILD_VSVER.pdb" "$stage/lib/release/ogg_static.pdb"
copy_result Static_Release ogg_static
mkdir -p "$stage/include"
cp -a "include/ogg/" "$stage/include/"
......@@ -56,12 +69,9 @@ case "$AUTOBUILD_PLATFORM" in
build_sln "win32/vorbis.sln" "Release|$AUTOBUILD_WIN_VSPLATFORM" "vorbisenc_static"
build_sln "win32/vorbis.sln" "Release|$AUTOBUILD_WIN_VSPLATFORM" "vorbisfile_static"
cp "win32/Vorbis_Static_Release/vorbis_static.lib" "$stage/lib/release/"
cp "win32/Vorbis_Static_Release/vc$AUTOBUILD_VSVER.pdb" "$stage/lib/release/vorbis_static.pdb"
cp "win32/VorbisEnc_Static_Release/vorbisenc_static.lib" "$stage/lib/release/"
cp "win32/VorbisEnc_Static_Release/vc$AUTOBUILD_VSVER.pdb" "$stage/lib/release/vorbisenc_static.pdb"
cp "win32/VorbisFile_Static_Release/vorbisfile_static.lib" "$stage/lib/release/"
cp "win32/VorbisFile_Static_Release/vc$AUTOBUILD_VSVER.pdb" "$stage/lib/release/vorbisfile_static.pdb"
copy_result Vorbis_Static_Release vorbis_static
copy_result VorbisEnc_Static_Release vorbisenc_static
copy_result VorbisFile_Static_Release vorbisfile_static
cp -a "include/vorbis/" "$stage/include/"
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