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Pull from viewer-bear and merge

parents 59c93cb8 e31f4a35
......@@ -582,11 +582,12 @@ public:
/// Generate a distinct name for a listener -- see listen()
static std::string inventName(const std::string& pfx="listener");
friend class LLEventPumps;
/// flush queued events
virtual void flush() {}
friend class LLEventPumps;
virtual void reset();
......@@ -675,12 +676,14 @@ public:
virtual ~LLEventMailDrop() {}
/// Post an event to all listeners
virtual bool post(const LLSD& event);
virtual bool post(const LLSD& event) override;
/// Remove any history stored in the mail drop.
virtual void flush() override { mEventHistory.clear(); LLEventStream::flush(); };
virtual LLBoundListener listen_impl(const std::string& name, const LLEventListener&,
const NameList& after,
const NameList& before);
const NameList& before) override;
typedef std::list<LLSD> EventList;
......@@ -703,7 +706,6 @@ public:
/// Post an event to all listeners
virtual bool post(const LLSD& event);
/// flush queued events
virtual void flush();
......@@ -516,7 +516,6 @@ LLLayoutPanel* LLLayoutStack::findEmbeddedPanel(LLPanel* panelp) const
if (!panelp) return NULL;
e_panel_list_t::const_iterator panel_it;
BOOST_FOREACH(LLLayoutPanel* p, mPanels)
if (p == panelp)
......@@ -1865,7 +1865,6 @@ bool LLAppearanceMgr::getCanRemoveOutfit(const LLUUID& outfit_cat_id)
LLFindNonRemovableObjects filter_non_removable;
LLInventoryModel::cat_array_t cats;
LLInventoryModel::item_array_t items;
LLInventoryModel::item_array_t::const_iterator it;
gInventory.collectDescendentsIf(outfit_cat_id, cats, items, false, filter_non_removable);
if (!cats.empty() || !items.empty())
......@@ -111,24 +111,9 @@ BOOL LLToolPie::handleMouseDown(S32 x, S32 y, MASK mask)
mMouseOutsideSlop = FALSE;
mMouseDownX = x;
mMouseDownY = y;
LLTimer pick_timer;
BOOL pick_rigged = false; //gSavedSettings.getBOOL("AnimatedObjectsAllowLeftClick");
mPick = gViewerWindow->pickImmediate(x, y, FALSE, pick_rigged);
LLViewerObject *object = mPick.getObject();
LLViewerObject *parent = object ? object->getRootEdit() : NULL;
if (!object
|| object->isAttachment()
|| object->getClickAction() == CLICK_ACTION_DISABLED
|| (!useClickAction(mask, object, parent) && !object->flagHandleTouch() && !(parent && parent->flagHandleTouch())))
// Unless we are hovering over actionable visible object
// left mouse down always picks transparent (but see handleMouseUp).
// Also see LLToolPie::handleHover() - priorities are a bit different there.
// Todo: we need a more consistent set of rules to work with
mPick = gViewerWindow->pickImmediate(x, y, TRUE /*transparent*/, pick_rigged);
LL_INFOS() << "pick_rigged is " << (S32) pick_rigged << " pick time elapsed " << pick_timer.getElapsedTimeF32() << LL_ENDL;
//left mouse down always picks transparent (but see handleMouseUp)
mPick = gViewerWindow->pickImmediate(x, y, TRUE, FALSE);
mPick.mKeyMask = mask;
mMouseButtonDown = true;
......@@ -1460,6 +1460,11 @@ bool LLVivoxVoiceClient::addAndJoinSession(const sessionStatePtr_t &nextSession)
LLSD timeoutResult(LLSDMap("session", "timeout"));
// We are about to start a whole new session. Anything that MIGHT still be in our
// maildrop is going to be stale and cause us much wailing and gnashing of teeth.
// Just flush it all out and start new.
// It appears that I need to wait for BOTH the SessionGroup.AddSession response and the SessionStateChangeEvent with state 4
// before continuing from this state. They can happen in either order, and if I don't wait for both, things can get stuck.
// For now, the SessionGroup.AddSession response handler sets mSessionHandle and the SessionStateChangeEvent handler transitions to stateSessionJoined.
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