Commit 9cdcef4d authored by Nat Goodspeed's avatar Nat Goodspeed
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DRTVWR-447: Use new attachmentsForBugsplatStartupManager SDK method

to attach user settings file and static debug info file to Mac crash reports,
as well as SecondLife.log, just like Windows crash reports.
parent 72c0845a
......@@ -26,6 +26,8 @@
#import "llappdelegate-objc.h"
#if defined(LL_BUGSPLAT)
#include <boost/filesystem.hpp>
#include <vector>
@import BugsplatMac;
// derived from BugsplatMac's BugsplatTester/AppDelegate.m
@interface LLAppDelegate () <BugsplatStartupManagerDelegate>
......@@ -271,25 +273,59 @@
- (BugsplatAttachment *)attachmentForBugsplatStartupManager:(BugsplatStartupManager *)bugsplatStartupManager {
std::string logfile = CrashMetadata_instance().logFilePathname;
// Still to do:
// userSettingsPathname
// staticDebugPathname
// but the BugsplatMac version 1.0.5 BugsplatStartupManagerDelegate API
// doesn't yet provide a way to attach more than one file.
NSString *ns_logfile = [NSString stringWithCString:logfile.c_str()
NSData *data = [NSData dataWithContentsOfFile:ns_logfile];
// Apologies for the hard-coded log-file basename, but I do not know the
// incantation for "$(basename "$logfile")" in this language.
BugsplatAttachment *attachment =
[[BugsplatAttachment alloc] initWithFilename:@"SecondLife.log"
infos("attachmentForBugsplatStartupManager attaching " + logfile);
return attachment;
struct AttachmentInfo
AttachmentInfo(const std::string& path, const std::string& type):
std::string pathname, basename, mimetype;
- (NSArray<BugsplatAttachment *> *)attachmentsForBugsplatStartupManager:(BugsplatStartupManager *)bugsplatStartupManager
const CrashMetadata& metadata(CrashMetadata_instance());
// Since we must do very similar processing for each of several file
// pathnames, start by collecting them into a vector so we can iterate
// instead of spelling out the logic for each.
std::vector<AttachmentInfo> info{
AttachmentInfo(metadata.logFilePathname, "text/plain"),
AttachmentInfo(metadata.userSettingsPathname, "text/xml"),
AttachmentInfo(metadata.staticDebugPathname, "text/xml")
// We "happen to know" that info[0].basename is "SecondLife.old" -- due to
// the fact that BugsplatMac only notices a crash during the viewer run
// following the crash. Replace .old with .log to reduce confusion.
info[0].basename =
boost::filesystem::path(info[0].pathname).stem().string() + ".log";
NSMutableArray *attachments = [[NSMutableArray alloc] init];
// Iterate over each AttachmentInfo in info vector
for (const AttachmentInfo& attach : info)
NSString *nspathname = [NSString stringWithCString:attach.pathname.c_str()
NSString *nsbasename = [NSString stringWithCString:attach.basename.c_str()
NSString *nsmimetype = [NSString stringWithCString:attach.mimetype.c_str()
NSData *nsdata = [NSData dataWithContentsOfFile:nspathname];
BugsplatAttachment *attachment =
[[BugsplatAttachment alloc] initWithFilename:nsbasename
[attachments addObject:attachment];
infos("attachmentsForBugsplatStartupManager attaching " + attach.pathname);
return attachments;
- (void)bugsplatStartupManagerDidFinishSendingCrashReport:(BugsplatStartupManager *)bugsplatStartupManager
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