Commit 3602d64a authored by Callum Prentice's avatar Callum Prentice
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Fix for SL-15559 PDF files do not load in CEF v91

parent 7ff743a1
......@@ -557,8 +557,17 @@ void MediaPluginCEF::receiveMessage(const char* message_string)
settings.disable_network_service = mDisableNetworkService;
settings.use_mock_keychain = mUseMockKeyChain;
// This setting applies to all plugins, not just Flash
// Regarding, SL-15559 PDF files do not load in CEF v91,
// it turns out that on Windows, PDF support is treated
// as a plugin on Windows only so turning all plugins
// off, disabled built in PDF support. (Works okay in
// macOS surprisingly). To mitigrate this, we set the global
// media enabled flag to whatever the consumer wants and
// explicitly disable Flash with a different setting (below)
settings.plugins_enabled = mPluginsEnabled;
// SL-14897 Disable Flash support in the embedded browser
//settings.flash_enabled = mPluginsEnabled;
settings.flash_enabled = false;
settings.flip_mouse_y = false;
......@@ -571,10 +580,6 @@ void MediaPluginCEF::receiveMessage(const char* message_string)
settings.javascript_enabled = mJavascriptEnabled;
settings.media_stream_enabled = false; // MAINT-6060 - WebRTC media removed until we can add granularity/query UI
// SL-14897 Disable Flash support in the embedded browser
//settings.plugins_enabled = mPluginsEnabled;
settings.plugins_enabled = false;
settings.user_agent_substring = mCEFLib->makeCompatibleUserAgentString(mUserAgentSubtring);
settings.webgl_enabled = true;
settings.log_file = mCefLogFile;
......@@ -1748,6 +1748,10 @@ LLPluginClassMedia* LLViewerMediaImpl::newSourceFromMediaType(std::string media_
bool javascript_enabled = gSavedSettings.getBOOL( "BrowserJavascriptEnabled" );
media_source->setJavascriptEnabled( javascript_enabled || clean_browser);
// As of SL-15559 PDF files do not load in CEF v91 we enable plugins
// but explicitly disable Flash (PDF support in CEF is now treated as a plugin)
bool media_plugin_debugging_enabled = gSavedSettings.getBOOL("MediaPluginDebugging");
media_source->enableMediaPluginDebugging( media_plugin_debugging_enabled || clean_browser);
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