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Second Life Viewer
This project manages the source code for the
[Second Life]( Viewer.
![Second Life Logo](doc/sl-logo.png)
This source is available as open source; for details on licensing, see
[the licensing page on the Second Life wiki](
**[Second Life][] is a free 3D virtual world where users can create, connect and chat with others from around the
world.** This repository contains the source code for the official client.
For information on how to use and contribute to this, see
[the open source portal on the wiki](
## Open Source
To download the current default version, visit
[the download page]( For
even newer versions try
[the Alternate Viewers page](
Second Life provides a huge variety of tools for expression, content creation, socialization and play. Its vibrancy is
only possible because of input and contributions from its residents. The client codebase has been open source since
2007 and is available under the LGPL license. The [Open Source Portal][] contains additional information about Linden
Lab's open source history and projects.
## Download
Most people use a pre-built viewer release to access Second Life. Windows and macOS builds are
[published on the official website][download]. More experimental viewers, such as release candidates and
project viewers, are detailed on the [Alternate Viewers page](
### Third Party Viewers
Third party maintained forks, which include Linux compatible builds, are indexed in the [Third Party Viewer Directory][tpv].
## Build Instructions
## Contribute
Help make Second Life better! You can get involved with improvements by filing bugs, suggesting enhancements, submitting
pull requests and more. See the [open source portal][] for details.
[Second Life]:
[open source portal]:
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