New music shinys and bugfixes

Important highlights from this release

  • Update to Second Life Viewer 3.8.1
  • Audio stream music identification
  • Other fun stuff, but don't tell anybody. Shhhh.

Known Issues

All updates for this release

New Feature

  • ALCH-228 RESOLVED Show username in window title
  • ALCH-68 RESOLVED Add a system to display notifications and information about the music currently playing on a stream


  • ALCH-223 RESOLVED Make the radar not spam the end-user on teleport


  • ALCH-232 RESOLVED Build Fail AlchDire 35870 linux64: llwindowsdl.cpp.o' failed
  • ALCH-222 RESOLVED Setting Media URL from About Land is always disabled


  • ALCH-233 RESOLVED Add web profile mode