So-cool viewer updated to the Second Life 3.8.5 codebase with many additional changes and optimizations.

Important highlights from this release

  • Second Life 3.8.5 base
  • libcurl 7.45.0, boost 1.59, hundreds of under the hood changes
  • Skin installer

All updates for this release

New Feature

  • ALCH-312 RESOLVED Adding a refresh button for avatars
  • ALCH-278 RESOLVED That group thing we talked about in hippotropolis
  • ALCH-270 RESOLVED Message logger/builder


  • ALCH-297 RESOLVED Make Fast Timers legend scrollable by the scroll wheel
  • ALCH-290 RESOLVED Destination Guide is not changed on teleport between OpenSim grids
  • ALCH-283 RESOLVED Grid llsd XML shows https://host:port/helpers/ for commented out [GridInfoSerivce] economy helper line


  • ALCH-328 RESOLVED Unable to re-arrange Favorite Bar LMs
  • ALCH-323 RESOLVED Login/Logout toasts not displaying special characters
  • ALCH-317 RESOLVED Legacy UDP avatar picker replies aren't picked up
  • ALCH-315 RESOLVED Notecards do not display landmarks correctly
  • ALCH-299 RESOLVED Cannot see what I say in group chat
  • ALCH-285 RESOLVED Join/part messages for IM windows parsed differently in the latest version of dire.
  • ALCH-284 RESOLVED URL parsing/highlighting Sub-task
  • ALCH-288 RESOLVED Skin installer